Can you win 300$ in your sleep?

I can! And I am just a cat! Let me tell you the secret of winning these 300$ and how many mice that can buy you…

geek girl

Do you want to WIN BIG at thepinkc ?

As a cat, I always close my eyes so I can think of many ways to improve myself and my life 🙂 And of course whatever it is I have to do, it should cost me the least amount of energy possible!

That’s why I took the big keyboard (yeah, I have big paws) and started typing this post to WIN BIG at thepinkc !

How does it work?

First and foremost I am using all my cat charms to make sure Geek Girl falls deeply in love with me.

Then I do what cats do best:

I do nothing until I get my price!

Yes, it is that easy to win 300$ from Geek Girl!!!

So if you want to win 300$ as well today, just go over to WIN BIG at thepinkc and write a review about Geek Girl‘s blog.

The latter is quite easy:

  • her bog has a lot of white space, which makes it easy to read and easy to navigate
  • even if you have no fingers like me, you can just open the main page and as by miracle, on top some of her best posts are just scrolling down, which explains why they call her Geek Girl
  • there is a contact page so if any question pops into your mind, you can ask her
  • and she blogs for money as well, which makes her an ideal example of how to make money online without putting ads in people’s face!

So have a look at Geek Girl‘s blog and hurry with your entry to WIN BIG at thepinkc as she will close it by tomorrow!




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