Can you give any tips on dating?

I am a 18 year old male. I am also Asian( race play a big role). Despite of the fact that i look intelligent, i am pretty dumb. I am also shy. If i mange a conversation it always end in a awkward moment of silence. Do you have any tips because i really want to have a girlfriend.


  1. race doesnt play any role. Any race can be shy or akward or whatever.
    Just be confident in yourself, and think that you re just like everyone else or even better.
    No one is better than you whether they be white, black or gold
    talk more, and dont worry, you’d be fine. practice makes perfect

  2. have your parents do an arranged marriage with a cute asian girl

  3. Ask out fat ugly women, they always say yes and their vagina’s feel just as good as skinny Beautiful women.

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