Can someone give me some dating tips?

So Sunday im going on a date to the movies.. Im 15 years old. Its been awhile since my last date and i was wonder if you guys have any tips for me.

Guys: What tips would you give me?
Girls: What is it girls like during a date?


  1. Just be yourself no phony b.s.

  2. Timothy V says

    Well you are 15. Why are you going on a date? Your parents are not very bright are they? You can’t even drive this girl to dinner and she is probably just as young as you. Parent today are terrible. What happened to being a parent and having control.

  3. Blondness is key says

    If its your first date with her, dont try to kiss her right away or anything like that.
    Im a girl, and my first date was drastic. If you like her and she likes you, and you two have been talking for a while now, then dont be to her and make her feel comfortable. Usually the girls are shy on dates so if the guy is shy also shell just feel awkward. Try to be as nice as possible. And remember, girls love the gentlemen, open the doors for her, buy her some candy, the way to get into anyones heart is through there its pretty true. If she gives you any hints on going to the next step, then go there if you feel its the right timing. but make sure you make every moment special and worth remembering.
    GOOD LUCK! 🙂

  4. contactkanchan79 says

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    Hope this was helpful 🙂
    good luck!

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