Call Sandra Dewi to get a quickie

Sex sells: Sandra Dewi will show you in this picture! Have a look what exactly do you get when you let Indonesian star Sandra Dewi into a seductive advertisement about… well… quickies… ?

sandra dewi sex sells

Sandra Dewi: sex sells

Dewi Sandra mp3

Don’t confuse Sandra Dewi with Dewi Sandra (… You don’t say things like : fat Chow Yun to Chow Yun Fat either do you…)

Dewi Sandra is in the picture below, she looks quite different as you can see and we also list here mp3 🙂

dewi sandra

Dewi Sandra, listen to her mp3 below:

Sandra Dewi Nude?

sandra dewi nude

Sandra Dewi Nude?
If you know that this picture is taken from her Friendster page and
that she lives in Indonesia,
then you know the answer by now 😉

Sandra Dewi Video

 Every man is destined for only one job…

What does that teach you about quickies?

Watch the video to learn more about the things of life…

On a serious note: "Every man is destined for only one job…" reminds me on how I see "the grand plan" of life, best said by Paolo Coelho in "El Alquimista".

Just make sure you read El Alquimista in Portuguese, as the English translation is as bad as a quickie with or without Sandra Dewi.


  1. Security word ‘plan’ – how spooky is that? – it isn’t really I suppose.

    Are all the young gals pretty in your neck of the woods? I know sex sells ……. it’s one of the reasons for my success ……. oh well, back to the real world I suppose – tata for now ……..

  2. The ‘new’ look is much better by the way! Much easier to read and see what’s going on.

  3. @DaddyP

    Young and little less young: all pretty 🙂

    Of course you are using the sex sell strategy as well, compare your face with the smooth ironed Kenny Rogers… he looked better then years ago when he really looked his age 🙂

    @DaddyP (the one below DaddyP)

    Thanks for complimenting about the new look, you are still talking about Sandra Dewi right?

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