Bras illustrated

Bra sizes illustrated and explained. Bras should be filled with tetek for those still wondering what tetek means, even after the quite educational Kim Kardashian Video from our previous post.

Bra sizes explained

Ever wondered what the A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G and H stands for when it comes to choosing bras?

Like DaddyP would say: if you need a goddess bra, find below the complete bra shopping guide:

Calvin Klein Bras A

Well, klein in German translates to small…


Goddess Bras B

tetek melayu

Goddess Bras C

koleksi tetek

Goddess Bras D

tetek ustazah

Full figure bras DD

tetek besar

Full figure bras E

gambar tetek

Full figure bras F

hisap tetek

Support bras G

puting tetek

Support bras H

ramas tetek

Olga bras

Ever wondered how to world looks like for an bra perspective? Well, seems DaddyP’s friend Olga, the traveling bra is the place for further bra news.

Kim Kardashian Bra

kim kardashian bra

Kim Kardashian bra in Complex magazine

If you are looking for real bra’s in stead of cartoon bra’s then try to discover them in the Kim Kardashian Video in our previous post.

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