Jippee, got an email today that Linky Love got accepted in Blogitive: the paid to post service of Great would you say… well, not so:

  • I tried to log in and it just doesn’t work: I cannot get past the login page…

Who is Blogitive looking for?

Evil me also applied with a blog : NOT approved! So if you are serious about blogging for money: get yourself a domain-name!

Blogitive seems to be looking for blogs at least 30 days old.

Blogitive is further on a bit blur in describing which bloggers they are looking for but for sure they are targeting WordPress bloggers. Why? Blogitive uses WordPress plugins (haven’t played with those yet, as I cannot login today…)

Will be continued 🙂

What is your experience using Blogitive? Please leave a comment!


  1. well done you, I tried registering with blogitive right at the start of my project (January 2007), but have not been accepted…..

  2. I applied after 1 month and re-applied now starting my 2 month.

    But they do seem to prefer wordpress blogs and when you read their blog, some people get rejected, some not. Bottomline: no rigid,strict guidelines, so no harm in keeping on applying 🙂

    Ppp is straight forward: you are not 90 days old, so again rejected. (30 days to go…)

  3. congratulation, …i still awaiting for thier approval on my site ..:-)

  4. Well: still not able to login these days, so being approved or not doesn’t make the difference.

    Will update as soon as something changes, as there are people making money with blogitive…

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