Did you make a bid yet to receive the John Chow pen?


After days of trying and writing to get into the advertising service of Blogitive, I still cannot login and get the following error message:

Sorry, this account was not recognized.

What is your experience with Blogitive?


  1. i encountered this be4, i read from the faq that cannot login if account is still pending or not yet apporved,..

  2. That is true, yet they did approve my account and even approved my blog, so I really wonder what’s the problem.

    An email to their support form online doens’t give me an answer either.

  3. sorry for being a bit ignorant but who is this john chow guy?

  4. @kaklong: is making 10 times more money than I do blogging. He is a tech-savvy guy who was internetting already when the internet was stil about computers and tech stuff.

    Now he got a wife so came to his senses: started his blog a few months ago and his earnings are quite nice 🙂

    Summarized: he is 😈 evil rich!

  5. I have successfully used blogitive for a while, however not recently up until a week or so ago when I did another post for them, they are taking a long time to approve it so not sure whats up with them at the moment. I created a definitive list of paid to post sites and may have to remove them if they stop sharing the love!

  6. Hi rob, great blog you have with clear cut target: me love 🙂

    Did u manage at least to login to blogitive? I don’t even get that far.

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