Blogging for money with Bloggerwave!

In my quest to get paid for blogging, I found Bloggerwave and got approved with this blog. As a reward they let me write this post for the biggest amount of money LinkyLove has ever written a post. Now how cool is that 🙂

What makes Bloggerwave standing out? They approve sites like mine: PageRank 0 and younger than 90 days. In other words: Bloggerwave acknowledges hardworking new blogs.

You need to sign up with your PayPal account. In your PayPal email address, you get instructions of how to activate your account. I was a bit blur there, so I wrote an email for help. I got an answer on the spot and as you can see, I am writing for them now!

Yesterday night I submitted my blog and first thing this morning I am approved and blogging for money! I suggest you do the same now! Like we say in Malaysia: money come, money come! Go Bloggerwave!


  1. see if you can find out when they pay…there is nothing on their site about payment schedule !! – I have mailed them and am waiting for an answer…

  2. It sounds like you’re off to a great start! $24 in you first month is great and if you keep working you’ll do very well for yourself!

  3. Hi Court, thanks for joining LinkyLove, it is great to have another blogger on board like Jay and me showing how much earnings we make.

    Did I read well that in your second month you earned 10 times more than in my first month?

    Are you using paid ads to get more visitors or are you like Jay and me “just” doing everything free?

    Anywhere where we can read your detailed monthly earnings, as I see you are already 4 months old.

    Thanks! And if you are interested to become a partner, let me know.

  4. My site is actually 3 months and 3 days old as of today! I started February 12th. I actually am not doing any paid promotion at all, so far it’s been 100% free.

    My April earnings were actually the only ones I have posted so far. I made pennies in my 17 days in February and only made about $15 or so in March.

    April was kind of my break-out – I started getting a lot more regular readers and people started linking to me a lot more.

  5. Hi Court,

    What “suddenly” happened in April that got you launched? Seems I still need 2 more months for that 🙂

    Why don’t you review me and I review you?

  6. Hi i have link your code to my blog. please link me 🙂 Thank you

  7. Hi Hannie, Thanks for adding another Blogger for Money into my blogroll!

    Please take my 4 secs survey and invite all your friends to do so!

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