Bloggerwave is a new paid to post site that has got a lot of comments these days due to:

  • looks too much like PPP
  • rumours about bad or not paying out

What is different compared with PPP is the way you submit your opportunity: you will get HTML code that you put in your post so:

  • your readers see that your post is sponsored by Bloggerwave
  • Bloggerwave knows that you took the post

I just went to their site and filled in the contact form to ask again how payments are done in which time interval. Meanwhile I noticed that their India address had gone (just erased offline or a tsunami, I don’t know…)

Soonest I get an email from Bloggerwave I will update. Also when no news from Bloggerwave I will update. Jay: did you get any answer on your questions to Bloggerwave?

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  1. they didn’t answer, but I found (eventually) that they pay after 30 days by reading their terms

  2. Thanks Jay, where exactly did you read that? The terms I read today only say:

    The following are the details to our Privacy Policy at Bloggerwave. We value the importance of privacy and consequently, take care of all information received in a responsible manner. This Policy concerns all of the services offered by Bloggerwave.

  3. i’m still waiting d payment from bloggerwave too…

  4. Bloggerwave is a new site and to keep up with the competition you need to do 1001 things at a time. Yet to keep the posties happy: its not a big job to update a blog saying what’s happening behind the bloggerwave doors.

    Would be a few minutes of work in return for very happy updated posties.

    It’s all about communication + development, together they built up a successfull it business.

  5. As printed here:
    Get Paid
    Compensation of various opportunities is based on the advertiser. After 30 days as well as at random we will check to see if the blog post is still live and still meets the Opportunity requirements. After reviewing, if we observe that the blogger has satisfied his/her agreement, he/she will immediately get paid. Payment will be issued ONLY via PayPal based on the PayPal e-mail address that has been provided to us
    *Just over a week to go for me then, my first bloggerwave post was on 8th May*

  6. Or as the say in Danish :

    Bliv betalt Betalingen for de forskellige projekter afhænger af annoncøren. Når der er gået 30 dage og på andre vilkårlige tidspunkter vil vi på Bloggerwave gå ind på bloggen og tjekke, om indlægget stadig ligger på bloggen og stadig overholder retningslinjerne i projektbeskrivelsen. Hvis vi efter at have gennemgået indlægget kan notere, at bloggeren på alle punkter har levet op til sin aftale, vil han/hun straks blive betalt. Betalingstransaktionen gennemføres KUN via PayPal. Vi anvender den PayPal e-mail-adresse, som vi har fået oplyst.

  7. So my first post was May 11, so update at June 10 🙂

    No wonder bloggerwave doesn’t answer a question that can be read online. Just couldn’t find it… Thanks again Jay.

  8. hey waddya know – they just paid me…woohoo!!!

  9. Yeehaa! Wo shi so the americanized when I am happy 🙂

    Also got the Bloggerwave pay out, so thumbs up and better yell it out loud tomorrow, esp since PPP is incredibly unavailable when it comes to taking posts…

  10. Ha I noticed that, been trying to post for PPP for three days, frustrating because I could have reached $200 this month, I think I am going to fall a little short (I was only aiming for $100 so am not too disappointed!)
    I will post my May earnings in a day or so…

  11. Always looking forward for your earnings with PPP as I am not there yet.

    Reviewme is giving away small jobs to pending blogs that are not approved. Linkylove is added yet not pending (so there is a stage between adding and pending: add, added but not visualized, pending and can take small jobs, approved)

    Do you add your history of payments, that I find very interesting 🙂

  12. visit me for earnings update and a letter distributed by bloggerwave…..

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