Bloggerwave is back

Life as it should be!

It was only a matter of time before somebody would capitalize on the backlash non US posties are suffering with the protectionist ideas of PayPerPost.

Bloggerwave is back with a 10 dollar opp for 50 words at Life as it should be!


  1. Bloggerwave is the worst thing in my life!! Trust me every bloggers all over the world!! The program is suck!! Since the first time I was entering this program until now!! I haven’t been making any money!! This is not make any sense. I’ve finished 3 opportunities, “Bloggerwave”, “Masterseek”, and “Coke Zero” reviews. All of them had approved by Bloggerwave. Later on, my first opportunity “Bloggerwave” is cancelled, then “Masterseek”. I am very confuse, posts that have approved by Bloggerwave can be canceled by them. Be wave with Bloggerwave, this is a new SCAM!! You can check it out at my blog, with those keywords at “review” category.

    Bloggerwave, you are damn suck!! Liar!! Damn Liar!! They owe me US$30 and now only US$10. Bloggerwave has canceled the US$20 and has eaten the money for itself.

    Guys!! All of you should beware, don’t say that no body care about the real reality of this new scam program!! I have already warn you!!

  2. @Suray

    Bloggerwave has paid me out already for the above 3 posts and they do answer when you write them a friendly email 🙂

    There are also a few hicups like the one you mention, so I would suggest you ask them what is happening.

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