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Since we are revamping our add your link blog, this weekend we list the 5 top most blogs of the last few days:

wanna be on top

  1. Joey Moggie : on top from the first day she joined and never left 🙂 Notice how "slow" she updates her blog (if you want to make money on the Internet, lots of visitors and slow updating is of course your dream ROI) Also notice the absence of Adsense 🙂 !
  2. French Swear Words : yours truly blog steadily on number 2 because due to the lack of paid to blog posts on Linky Love, I had to hatch this other egg in my basket 🙂 
  3. Balderdash : Every week you will see this site spiking to the top one day. And there is no more excuse for not being able to draw!
  4. Techlife : Again a blog once in a while spikes to the top and then disappears again, we really would like to know the secrets of these 2 latest blogs
  5. YOU ! : Join now at ADD YOUR LINK


  1. People add your links don’t end up like me 🙁

    Thanks Linky, btw in few days Ill post an interview with author from SEO BOOK 🙂

  2. i think the main reason is that i does not update my blog in frequent enough, sometimes twice per week and some times once per week. When there are new post normally it will have more visit compared to the normal days…

    really need to work harder to find more interesting topic to improve my post frequency…:-)

  3. @bontb

    Did you add the html code in the mean time? I am sure you will have another bright experiment coming up soon to swipe us of our feet!


    Frequent updates is great for SEO, yet looking at Joey Moggie: you don’t need to update every day in order to get the big traffic.

    Anyway: all ideas are most welcome and we will be the first to try them out 😈

  4. i still have a long way to go to get to the top – stuck around #15/#16 at the moment….


  5. @Steve

    You are doing far better than my sexy Gwen Stefani Clothes blog! We should link to each other!! 🙂

  6. Wooo hoo!

    I’m on Top!

    thanks for the link back. . . .

  7. @Joey

    You are on top from the first day you joined 🙂 Me really wanna learn how you do it!


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