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Putting the LOVE into Linky Love

The make money online bloggers by now know that their Pagerank most likely has been spanked…

Have a look at my Pagerank now and you know that Geek Girl yours’ truly knows what she is talking about 😈

So since Google isn’t rewarding my "Linky", lets have a look at the other egg in my make money on the Internet basket:


And yes, this is the first blog of the weekend that’s not featured in the Wanna be on top list. Why?

Because at Linky Love:
it’s not about numbers, it’s all about love!

Blog of the Weekend: Sugar queen’s dream

sugar queens dream

Sugar Queen’s Dream!

Why is Sugar Queen’s Dream blog of the weekend?

Because linking is not a mathematical game of numbers, it’s also an art. Sugar Queen’s Dream voted for me at fuelmyblog so I can make a chance in winning a T-shirt, and well, since I love people that help me out, I give them what I do best; Linky Love!

A must read are:

  • How I would loooove to have a bite in these fresh fish at Happy Birthday
  • How you can win a T-shirt or $ 500 at How we can all win T-shirts
  • And a very old (first introduced on the Internet in the late sixties… 😈 ) but very effective Linky Love strategy at I love awards!

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  1. Hurrah for Sugar!!!!! We all love sugar and Sugar ………. and T-shirts ………………… and Linky. This doesn’t sound like me at all ……… I must have got out of bed the right side for a change. Never mind, it won’t last.

  2. @DaddyP

    n we love u 2 DaddyP 🙂

  3. Hugs and thank you!
    I will fuel you again !

  4. @Judy

    The pleasure is all ours 🙂

    Lets give DaddyP and fracas a real challange with the next fuel contest! 🙂

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