Blog of the weekend: My Debt Blog

This blog of the weekend is about a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) working her way out of debt.

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My debt blog

My debt blog is the journey of a Stay at home Mom, mother of 4 in becoming debt free.

This is a hands on blog by example, so I love posts like January Wrap Up.

When money is scarce, it can be a daily struggle just to put food on the table. Once that is done, you get more ideas about Tax rebate calculators and anything that comes her way in order to make ends meet.

This blog constantly reminds me a bit of Suze Orman who also had to experience massive debts before she became the savvy money adviser she is today.

Decision makers are wasting money big time and people like you and me need to fight hard just to make ends meet… something doesn’t add up, no calculator needed for that 🙁

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