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Blog of this weekend:
Death by 1000 Papercuts

Death by 1000 Papercuts

How to attract lots of visitors: learn from Death by 1000 Papercuts

ubuntuAlthough with some weird imagination you could even find Ubuntu sexy, Death by 1000 Papercuts uses a complete different weirdness to attract visitors, none of the ones you think about:

War! Terror! Weirdness! War on Drugs and War on Terror, as well as General Weirdness and Unsolved Crime coverage.
Home of the Infidel Warrior Babes comics and Pixelaneous photo essays.

Although I cannot find oldfashion SEO strategies (that means they must be well hidden 🙂 ) , Death by 1000 Papercuts is using lots of Internet Marketing ideas to attract visitors:

  1. leland chapman bounty hunterContent is King: Especially when you ramble about the latest hot topics in the news. Yes: you can find about 100 entires about Ron Paul on Youtube, more about Ron Paul videos and youtube, lots of coverage about Lori Drew and Megan Meier on Myspace, NEW points of view like MySpace crimes (yes, did you know there are people specialized in Myspace crimes in the first place?, well Death by 1000 Papercuts knows!)
  2. paris hilton the naked truthContent is King: TV personalities like Dog the bounty Hunter again get lots and lots of coverage. Meaning: they not only take what’s hot in the news, but they follow up! Now that’s a great way to let your visitors return!
    Anyways, Dog, Britney Spears or Paris Hilton: who is the cutest or don’t they just all look alike in these 3 pictures…
    britney spearsMuch less coverage about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears : whether Britney Spears has Oxycotin or not? What is Oxycotin? Well: Death by 1000 Papercuts knows!
  3. Content is King: Iraq. Needless to say more that this is a hot topic for "ages" already, so again, lots of coverage there.
  4. Daily Cartoon: not by Zuda yet by Andertoons.
    "Daily …" is a piece of javascript that gives you something new every day without you having to update anything! Great when you are on holiday 🙂
  5. FuelMyBlog
    Death by 1000 Papercuts is member of the FuelMyBlog community: a community that strives for quality in stead of quantity: needless to say: it’s my favorite community since the web2.0 revolution!
  6. Automatic counters, statistics…
    Again: content that’s updated without you having to do anything. I personally love the updated by the second "money spent for the war in Iraq". All this money could have been spent to make sure the air you breath is clean or the water in the rivers can contain fish again, or something to prevent cancer or what about using water (hydrogen) to drive your cars and keep the environment clean? Noooooo, we have to shoot it all up in Iraq! Please vote for us because we don’t care about you nor your health! Don’t you love democracy? If you do, you better find out what Death by 1000 Papercuts thinks about "freedom of speech"
  7. Do I need to go on? You better have a look yourself what you can learn from Death by 1000 Papercuts in order to attract lots and lots of visitors!

the golden compassI wonder why no coverage (yet?) about Bernie Ward, Tadd Grandstaff or The Golden Compass… as there is no doubt a huge correlation between religion and politics as well… But then: with already so many topics covered, one has to know there are only so many hours in a day you can sit down and blog…

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  1. Melissa Cormier says

    I love watching dog the Bounty hunter


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