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Blog of the Weekend: Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Breast Cancer Pancreatic Cancer

This month is BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH where blogs should be dressed in pink to spread the word!

Yes, the only good way to cure cancer is to detect it as early as possible.

  • For breast cancer : go and get yourself tested each year and examine yourself, it’s as easy as that!
  • For colon cancer: go and get colonoscopy (scary!), but there is also virtual colonoscopy where no strange objects have to enter your body!

A must read are:

This Cancer Blog of the Weekend is the only blog about cancer in our toplist… The author of the blog lives on in this cancer blog for the good cause of :

  • raising money for the partner he leaves behind
  • raising the voice of the cancer-non-survivors (because death is the most common consequence of cancer, yet the death don’t blog that easy, that’s why there are not too many cancer blogs around)

1 out of 4 people has or will get cancer!

Yes, if you look around you now, then you will see somebody with cancer, or worse come to worse, this "number 4" will be you!

This liver cancer blog stresses the fact that:

  • if you have cancer: spread the word!
  • mankind is still not willing to find preventive measures in order not to get cancer
  • cancer affects both the patient and ALL his loved ones


Go and have a read at metastatic liver cancer, especially the beginning months of the blog are extremely breathtaking, crudely and sadly portraying the real metastatic liver cancer facts…

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