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Blog of the Weekend: Daddy Papersurfer

Daddy papersurfer

Who’s your daddy? Daddy P! That’s why he is engaged with me! Yes, I want to insure nobody forgets about the repulsing rape of Nurin and I am sure Daddy Papersurfer will agree with me!

What other 3 secrets do you need to know about Daddy Papersurfer?

Visit Daddy Papersurfer if you really had a bad day yesterday 🙂

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  1. I knew that was money well spent on that huge diamond ring. I was a little nervous when we first got engaged, just the jitters I suppose. I am having some difficulty keeping the news from the terrible Goddess.

    And you’re right I DON’T DO MEMES!! … naughty Linky ….. but you are showing Linky Love, so I’ll forgive you.

    Hugs and kisses.

    [I do get some help with ScissorShop – more news next week]

    Gotta go now and lock horns with Fracas! Canadians! – huh!!

  2. You bet that was money well spent: 1 diamong ring for 1 incredible weekend post, you are quite a bargainer DaddyP!

    The Goddess already knew long time 🙂 …

    No meme ah, you wait and see 🙂

    Have a nice weekend n say howdidoki to the Canadians!

  3. hi linky, wheres the pen i sent you sometime back? Its been sometime…its late already…please post the pen and get the game going….

  4. @Anand

    The John Chow pen will re-appear in a few days, as we are going to post again about how to make money online 🙂

  5. I am waiting 😉

  6. @Anand

    Almost there 🙂

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