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Blog of the Weekend: Fracas

Fracas: Temporary number 1 in our toplist, until Joey Moggie took sweet revenge :-). But read the Linky Love Joey has to say about fracas:


Fracas according to Joey Moggie!

Congrats to Fracas, her posts on Vanessa Hudgens have given her huge numbers in Linky Love’s toplist.
. . .(read her posts, Fracas is damn funny!)

. . . . As of right now. . .10:14am, I’m on top of the list again, and I was so late yesterday as well. . . .I’m usually number one for part of the day every day on the Linky Love top list. . . . . . (:twisted: needless to say that Joey is quite modest overall 😈 )

My hits trickle in during the day. . . . .so I don’t know if “bigger bang” is the right way of saying things. . .perhaps fracas made a “louder bang” yesterday. Remember, Fracas means UPROAR!

Both my site and her site get around the same number of hits in a day

I’ve noticed a steady increase in the number of back hits I’m getting from Linky Love . . . .so its happening. . .

Good luck!!!


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