Blog of the day nr.4: who is next?

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already Blog of the day 4 has arrived 🙂

This blog is great as it looks well designed, is very personal yet well monetized!

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make money online earnings 400 in 1 month

As you can see, I posted the author’s picture because this blog is different: it shows how a blogger just bloggig about her personal life can still make 400 dollars in 1 month.

What is so special about that? That she can write about anything and everything and that her blog feels like your best friend chitchatting away… But don’t underestimate this blog: the author is a poet, a web designer…gosh well:

she is like me but 400$/62$ = about 6 times more in everything!
(except my age that is…  🙂 )

(above calculation explained:
her last months earnings / my last months’ earnings

Linky Love loves:

The Pink C by The Pink C herself

add your linkI am Ellie, a 20 something graduate student who blogs about any and every thing. My favorite topics are technology, current events, pop culture and the things I think are funny or interesting. Every once in a while, I’ll post something that will make you go HMMMM.

Thepinkc has been around for a LONG time, but the oldest archives kinda got lost in an “accident” LOL

I love blogging and probably the best post is about how I monetized my blog. Check me out at ThePinkC


  1. I love your review. Be on the lookout for mine on your site later on tonight. 🙂

  2. Hi Ellie: if you like it, you stumble it!

    You have a great site so no wonder my review is great 😈

    Looking forward for what you have to say about my blog, thanks!

  3. ooooh that’s a nice mini-banner

  4. @Jay: as nice as the site it is made for 🙂

    You could also get such a nice mini banner for free at 😈

    I suggest you all ask for a free mini-banner there, because they have too much creativity and too much free time on their hands at

  5. ha ha….. I wish….

  6. @Jay:

    I am sure you have too much creativity Jay 🙂

    For all that have some extra money: please buy me a tea!

  7. I think you should buy me a tea to help with the creativi-tea
    After all, it’s only a gradient, a border and some funky text, if you buy me a tea, I might be able to bring on the performing dogs, fireworks and goodness knows what…
    I had a ‘donation’ on one of my sites for £0.50 a few days ago, paypal took £0.22 and left me with £0.28… that’s like 50cents….you can’t get much for that!

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