Blog of the day 8: Joey Moggie

Your already Blog of the day number 8 has arrived 🙂

This is a great site from Joey who has an extremely well linked to "cat" blog.

Unfortunately one of the directory badges is not showing up and pushing here sidebar to the bottom. That’s why you all should use Linky Love’s directory badge which is here to stay.

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Guest Links : Joey Moggie

Linky Love loves: Joey’s personal blog of a cat-lover with personal pictures, a smart linking strategy resulting in high PageRank and hosted on a free server! Top of the cream!

joey moggie

Joey Moggie by Joey Moggie herself

My Blog is fun – simply put.

Its a complete random mis-mash of celebrity news, current events, other goings on, my life, my family and friends and of course my cats.

Who is next?

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  1. Wooooohooo!!

    Thanks for that. . . .

    I’ve sinced signed up for the TopSite List! 🙂


  2. @Joey

    I noticed you joined my TopList : you are already on top after a few hours only! What’s your secret!

    Thanks for joining 🙂

  3. I have no idea. . . . . .

    hahahahahahah. . . . . .

    I get ALOT of hits per day, my average is over 3000 a day. . . .but other things like Technorati and Google Page Rank – I’m quite low when you consider the sheer number of hits I get. . . .


  4. @Joey

    Whaaaaa, modest people… 🙂

    It must be as they say content is king 🙂

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