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Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already Blog of the day number 7 has arrived 🙂

Today has again a money blog (from Michael) and for a change: a blog hosted on blogspot with its own domain-name. Although the template looks very professional, blogspot templates have the tendency not to open fast in my browser. But once I pored in a coffee, all was visible (patience can be a good virtue)

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Guest Links : Make Money Online with Knighty Night’s Talk

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Make Money Online with Knighty Night’s Talk by Michael himself

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Mainly talks about making money online. If your new to my blog, just browse the middle section, you might find something interesting if the front does not having anything. Making Money like crazy with PayPerPost to pay rent.



  1. This is a great site. I definitely will keep visiting! I love how he’s diversified his earnings. That’s what I am trying to do right now!

  2. @Ellie

    A great site indeed, and he has been quitely visiting my site, time we visit him more!

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