Blog of the day 5

Improving on Advertise your bests posts free at Linky Love!, your already Blog of the day number 5 has arrived 🙂

Now I have to thank Trish for coping with me: she subitted her blog when she still was a baby but my computer broke down … Meanwhile all is fixed and Trish got a 16 year old son, so long a wait 🙂

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Guest Links : Incoherent-ish

Linky Love loves: the totally insanity of Trish, woops, of her blog 🙂

blog of the day

Incoherent-ish by Trish herself

Your request on my site asking me to leave a comment about why people should read my blog made me think. It actually gave me fodder for a post. 🙂

You’ll find it here: Why people should read my blog?

Enjoy. 🙂


  1. YAY! I made it! 🙂

    And my son is 17. 😛 You took longer than you thought! LOL

  2. @Trish

    You mean a year has only 7 days? 🙂

    You are most welcome! Thanks for participating, maybe you should become blog of the week 🙂

  3. The end is near, Trish is a blogger of the day. Run for the hills! 🙂

  4. @Sparky

    This is only the beginning! 🙂

    Trish made sure to follow up, now that’s the bloggers I love!

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