Blast your visitors a boost!

Where do all those established money making bloggers like Kumiko, Shoemoney, Colleen top PPP postie, Sifu John Chow and Bobmeetsworld hang out?


They are all at!

So LinkyLove also went to and hey: it’s free to add your business card there.

I just added mine at the Blasts’s Linky Love directory. You want to get more visitors to your website? Then you should go there as well and do the same!

(And once you are there, you will find a hidden purpose for Linky Love which I wont tell here, because I don’t want to jinx it, so read the secret there.)

How does Blast work?

  • You make yourself a business card (read the dimensions at first),
  • choose the directories you want to be listed in or create your own (like Linky Love)
  • press ok


Now you will see your business card amongst others. If you want to rank number 1, you just go with your mouse over their business card, a gray box shows up telling you their daily payment. So if you pay more, you will rank higher. Simple and honest way of getting on top! You can always edit your settings and add your amount of money.

Blast widget on websites

Of course it would be pathetic if you would be only listed at, therefore created a widget that you can customize by choosing:

  • size of the business-cards
  • amount of business-cards
  • directory of business cards
  • how many cards to show

You then get a HTML code and copy and paste it easily in your code. Myself I opted for showing at most 4 smallest sized business cards on a horizontal banner below.

Go and get your own widget at now and
get your website seen by others!


  1. Thanks for the linklove 🙂

  2. Weird, this post links back to me in my WP admin screen! LOL

  3. @Ellie

    🙂 which of my posts doesn’t link back to you? 🙂

    We are changing servers behind the scenes, so cross fingers this has nothing to do with it 😉

  4. Joined under you ! thanks

  5. Yea also links back to me lol

  6. @Bontb

    Thanks! Blast really gets you links suddenly when you least expect it!


    Who links what where how? 🙂

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