Birthday Blog of the Day: Diary of a 70s teen

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Happy Birthday 70steen!

Over at 70steen,
they are preparing a party
for her birthday,
go and wish her
the very best happy birthday ever!

Gwen Stefani in the 70’s

Gwen Stefani turned 1 in 1970, so those days she must have been playing with the now famous Gwen Stefani Dolls:

gwen stefani doll

Gwen Stefani doll from Gwen Stefani Clothes blog

No, we don’t even want to know what Britney Spears was doing those days…

Add your link 70’s style

Way back in the 70’s , people already found pleasure in linking to each other.

Those days adding your link was a bit more heavy using real chains in stead of the easy 1 click Add URL we now have at Linky Love!

add your link

Add your link Boney M 70s style

Make money online 70’s style

Nothing much seemed to have changed… Now some make money on the Internet with undressing people, in the 70’s you could undress kind of everywhere it seems looking at the Boney M record called: “Love For Sale”….

The greatest money making invention of the 70’s though was when Mr. Boney M:

  • took out his glitter underwear…
  • blow some air in it and tadaa…
  • the famous 70’s discoballs were born

boney m ball

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  1. It’s her birthday?!!!!!?! ….. oh well, never mind.

    I often wondered how glitter balls were invented – you are a mind of information – [mostly useless, of course, but beguiling – tee hee].

    Can I be featured on your birthday? just to make a change.

    Byeee …………..

  2. its the 3rd time!
    i’m 4th

  3. @DaddyP

    Can our engagement diamond be featured on your site? Just to make a statement…

    Have a nice day or have a birthday!

  4. @Julia

    Time for you to feature my blog on yours so I can beat you back!

  5. I reckon it was 70’s fault she couldn’t leave a message – I know she tried – she’s nice like that.

  6. @DaddyP

    She most likely commented at the exact time I updated behind the scenes…

    Main thing is she has a happy birthday!

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