BIG TIME RUSH boys Carlos & Logan: Album news, Jordin Sparks, girlfriends, TWILIGHT, dating tips!

POPSTAR! MAGAZINE and corner Carlos & Logan from Nickelodeon’s BIG TIME RUSH to ask them a zillion interesting questions…! http


  1. iNakoCharly says

    Hopefully carlospenaofficial can right me back?

  2. iNakoCharly says

    Guysss its rlly carlos!!!! Carlospenaofficial its him! 😉

  3. @percabeth1998 haha

  4. percabeth1998 says

    @feshai for real!

  5. percabeth1998 says

    haha Carlos is like Meagan Fox! Lol Sounds like my best guy friend 🙂

  6. kielymawiee says

    “Logan, gets a girlfriend!”
    “Yeah, Camille is…kinda crazy.”


    Right when logan said flash those pearly whites . I smiled. (: AHH ! soo cutee ! <3

  8. evildemongirl33 says

    Bring the tour to missouri!

  9. mrsCarlosPena123 says

    Carlos I like u lol

  10. TheSkittlesLuv says


  11. carlospenaoffical says

    @happyeverydaygirl05 idk

  12. happyeverydaygirl05 says

    @carlospenaoffical how can i beleive u……???

  13. maddiefelps says

    wats up carlos! i like you! lol 🙂 oh and megan fox just got married, srry Carlos 🙁

  14. snufflebunnyXP says

    logan is sooooooooo cute i x3 him!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. carlospenaoffical says

    @happyeverydaygirl05 yea

  16. happyeverydaygirl05 says

    @carlospenaoffical r u really carlos!!!!!!

  17. VRJIEbabe says

    IM THA NEW MEGAN FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. for some reason, Logan reminds me of Justin Timberlake, from his N Sync days.

  19. iluvloganhenderson says

    @101stinky they shoot the show in LA…so they r in LA pretty much all the time

  20. 101stinky says

    Plz come to LA!!

  21. Yaaaaay they chose harry potter 🙂 i love them

  22. xRawrItzMichelle says

    They’re both so adorable <3. [:

  23. loganlermanlove21 says

    hahaha “whats up…i like you!” Carlos is so funny!

  24. AshFlash22 says

    I want a tour. BTW I LOVE LOGAN!!

  25. pizapiza245 says


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