Bersih: Porque no te callas?

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Porque no te callas?

Porque no te callas?
Why don’t you just shut up?

Why don’t you just shut up? These where the Spanish words King Juan Carlos of Spain responded to Chavez at the closing session at the summit in Santiago where the leaders of Spain, Portugal and Latin America are meeting.

Why? Because Chavez was just scolding people in stead of having a mature democratic debate.


But when the people from Malaysia peacefully want to step through the streets of Malaysia to raise their concern about what is going wrong with an oil producing country that cannot maintain its own inflation…

It is a shame that the answer of their government is:

Porque no te callas?
Why don’t you just shut up?

The Malaysian Prime Minister promised to listen to his people, but Mr. Prime Minister: it is very difficult to speak out loud when there is teargas sprayed all over us…

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