Be the guy that gets the girl

be the guy that gets the girl

If this weekend you want to be the guy that gets the girl, then read on how a girl can help you out.


Learn how every guy will get a girl if you purchase the entire book now and apply it tomorrow evening (it’s always good to sleep things over and let them fully ripe inside your body before taking action).


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DO’s for any guy wanting to get a girl


  • Smell good – You must have noticed women wear perfume. It is important to smell good, when you are sitting with a woman of your dreams. This will be your most prospective quality to end up with a desirable climax with dream woman.
  • Be confidentGuy Gets Girl will teach you how to feel more confident, especially next to the girl of your dreams. Confidence is one of the most sought after quality of a man desired by a woman. You may not look like a superstar, but good traces of confidence may bring the women to her knees and I mean it literally.
  • Place your feet in her shoes – No, don’t start wearing our heels! I mean: it is a tested technique to think like a woman and act accordingly. That’s why you should buy the entire Guy Gets Girl book, because it’s written by a girl and shows you exactly what women want.

    Women are sensitive, yet obsessive for real qualities of men. Thus, share a good space with her and let her decide for something more than a date with you.

  • Dress like never before – Don’t wear the clothes you hang out with at home! First of all, you need to improve your dressing style. Women have a great attraction towards men, who have correct sense of choosing clothes to compliment his personality. A woman will always look forward to see your assets hidden in the clothes.
  • Unfold your cards slowly – It is obvious what you are after yet don’t act as such! It is not desirable to let your woman know about all your qualities at once. It must be a slow
    rate process to introduce your real worth to the woman in front of you.
  • Make a sensual touch – A simple touch can be giving her a present and touching her hand. Women like to be touched and tendered by men and this is your biggest advantage. You can make them crave for your body by touching them sensibly and at right places. However, be patient in asking them for a romantic night.


DON’T’s for any guy wanting to get a girl


  • Don’t over spend (yet don’t be stingy: if you want to impress me then don’t be stingy and buy Guy Gets Girl :-). – Don’t over spend, unless you want to date Paris Hilton and the like. It is a general thought that women are always attracted towards wealthy males in the town. However, women are interested in other qualities existing in the perfect match for date.
  • Don’t use one tactic for all women. – It is also believed against reality that in order to seduce a woman, you have to pass the acid test of her preferences. In reality, you can easily modify the preferences of a woman by learning some effectual tips.
  • Don’t think women are less interested in sex than men. – Here is the most important one! You have to believe this truth that women are equally interested as men in having a sexual relationship. Many guys are always in the state of hesitation, as far as approaching a woman for sexual relationship is concerned.

    A large part of the Guy Gets Girl pdf is dedicated to sex. Tiffany reveals men what women really want men to know in bed. You will also learn when it is the perfect time to make your move, the notorious “One-Night Wonders” technique and much more.

  • Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today. – Also, it is the major hassle in the process of seducing a woman that there is always a right time to approach her. In reality, right time is now, the moment you finishes reading this till end.
  • Don’t think some women are out of your reach. It is one of the woman seducing myths that it is too late to get better with a dream woman. Believe it by words! You can improve your skills and bet for most seductive women around you.


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