Be first to get noticed!

One simple strategy to get noticed is being the first: We all know the President of the US, but who is number 3?

Same goes with:

Be first + be good!

Now if you manage to be the first and people ask you what you are doing there, then be sure not to answer "dunno"… Don’t be first for the sake of being first…

Simply put: don’t be the first to comment on a gaming WOW page if you never entered WOW before…

Or said differently: get noticed for something you want to get noticed for! It’s no use to be the first in grabbing a FREE John Chow pen when you have no clue what to do with it 😈

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  1. for sure you will be on my lists of reviews site. let me work this out..:-)

  2. Put me first on your list! 😈

    Thanks newopps!

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