Attract women: How to tell if a girl is interested in you, dating tips for guys Subscribe now! Secret dating tips to know if a girl is interested, when shes not, when she wants more. Learn how to make her want you and read her body language and flirting signals. Co-authors of the Blockbuster 2-sided book How to get the man you want / How to get the woman you want Katia Loisel-Furey and Paul Morris Segal share their hot dating tips on how to attract women, read her flirting signals and body language to tell if shes interested.


  1. fiveguypeanuts says

    if thats a normal chick in russia, then all hail mother russia

  2. karolsoda says

    nice girlss 😛

  3. jasperpaws24 says

    This girl is an awesome actress. I am ready to spend all my money on her. lol.

  4. TheGmt234 says

    Thanks for the help

  5. TheGmt234 says

    Thanks for the help now i know plenty of women that know me

  6. BusterBunker says

    Oh Noes, That girl is hot, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a girl show that she likes someone like that.

  7. in russia thats a normal chick, i guess in sweden too

  8. steeltesseract says

    new zealand or autrailia?

  9. wss28210 says

    the girl working in the bar is hot

  10. lolzooweemama says

    nice but will it work

  11. qwdscer2 says

    ?????discovery channel????

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