Armstrong and Miller – Older Women song

Armstrong & Miller’s Flanders and Swann parody song from series 2 episode 1…


  1. bangdrum says

    @Caramelandtoffee You’re very welcome. 😀

  2. GrinningLizard says

    Fyffe: “I like women over sixty -”
    Babbins: “FYFFE!”

  3. Retrochild1979 says

    I love AA’s voice, could listen to him talking for hours….. sigh! 😀

  4. MegaAntMan1 says

    @bangdrum CAMBRIDGE!!!? posh bastard LOL

  5. athull08 says

    @MegaAntMan1 Yeah, I was just wondering, because they didn’t give him such a long beard in the first series.

  6. MegaAntMan1 says

    @athull08 no it was shorter but in comedy you exaguate a few things

  7. athull08 says

    @bangdrum yes, that’s what I thought. I often wondered why they gave Brabbins such a long beard in these vids.

  8. bangdrum says

    @athull08 He was in the choir at Cambridge and originally planned to become a professional singer.

    Michael Flanders had a normal beard – search for Flanders and Swann videos (there are a couple, though far too few, on here).

  9. athull08 says

    Alexander Armstrong is such a good singer!

    p.s. Did Michael Flanders really have such a long beard?

  10. zionravescene says

    “So forget the young, untutored and the frankly immature, and WHY NOT GIVE THEIR MUM A CALL?”

  11. Caramelandtoffee says

    Thank you for uploading this!!! I love you!

  12. Brabbins & Fyffe haven’t been in the last two episodes. They’re are the best bits in the show.

  13. charlieblundell says

    Best sketch of the series so far 😀

  14. killieboy93 says

    loving the end, have to say it was the icing on the cake

  15. “They love a bit of Stuffing and a Spitroasts not unheard of!”

    I was in stitches! XD

  16. bangdrum says

    Same here! 🙂 Was thrilled they decided to bring them back.

  17. Guest1001 says

    My two favourite A&M characters! I could watch an entire show made up of Brabbins & Fyffe. I came close to cheering when they appeared on my television screen in the first episode of the new series.

  18. wierdwesterner says


  19. OmegaRFox says

    XD, probably the best bit after the RAF sketches…
    I have to find the 3rd episode one… the dyslexic one XD

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