Are you making money already?

If you have a new blog, and like me you have been doing 1001 things on your blog, you start wondering; is this all worth it? If I go beg in the street I can earn more money than after 2 weeks of hard blogging work…

That could be true but you need to see it as an investment: once all is in place, people will beg to be on your blog!

So how to measure your succes:

  • do you get more visitors compared to last week
  • do you earn more than last week? (even if we are still talking cents…)
  • are you making friends
  • are you finding new blogs you can learn from
  • are the search engines ranking more of your pages
  • is your Technorati ranking getting better

If you said yes to one of the above, you are doing fine. If you said yes to all of them, you are doing great!

Yes means: the worm you have for your bait is getting bigger and bigger. You don’t eat the worm, but you will eat the fish you catch!

Technorati Rankings

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My Technorati Ranking during Step
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My latest Technorati Ranking

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  1. ok ..done. added ur blog in my technorati favorites…:-)

  2. Thanks newopps, I added you to my Technorati Favorites 🙂

    How is next to add me to your Technorati favorites?


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