Are you as stupid as Charlotte Allen?

If so then leave a comment! (That would prove you are 2 of a kind…)

Charlotte Allen :
Please keep your inductive conclusions
based on only your own observation
of only yourself
to yourself!

Get the message Allen? If not, Charlotte … leave a comment 😈

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Why is Charlotte Allen stupid?

If one woman like Charlotte is stupid, that’s because others are more smart. It’s as simple as that…

You can read her complete stupid article here but below you can read 2 examples of how stupid she is. I mean, would you hire a person to write your stories when her observations of the entire human race are based on her own silly personality?

Read and cry…

I am perfectly willing to admit that I myself am a classic case of female mental deficiencies. I can’t add 2 and 2 (well, I can, but then what?).

I swear no man watches "Grey’s Anatomy" unless his girlfriend forces him to. No man bakes cookies for his dog…

dog treat cookbooks

Hello Charlotte Allen:
watch these 3 men baking cookies at
Dog treat cookbooks

…No man feels blue and takes off work to spend the day in bed with a copy of "The Friday Night Knitting Club." No man contracts nebulous diseases whose existence is disputed by many if not all doctors, such as Morgellons (where you feel bugs crawling around under your skin). At least no man I know.

Maybe you should go and get to know some men out there, and the women they frequent as well dear Charlotte Allen…

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