Are Looks Important When Attracting Women – Alex Coulson Reveals Are Looks Important When Attracting Women? Answer Looks DO count … it’s true. If you’re a good looking guy then you have an advantage over other guys … HOWEVER the looks part only counts for around 10% of the big picture. Some guys think it’s 50%… or 70% and they give up in surrender thinking they can never win at this game because they’re average looking … well check out this video and i’ll change the limiting belief: …..Simply put have you ever seen a not so good looking guy with an attractive girl? You most likely have right? So this proves the theory correct. Here’s what I believe it is: 70% is Personality 20% is Trust/Rapport 10% LOOKS


  1. PARIIX100 says

    yeah you are rigth dude

  2. I dated girls that likes when a guy knows how take care of themself. healthwise and financial. I not talking about being rich.

  3. FortitudeOfHeaven says

    Pardon me for asking, but isn’t looks the first thing that everyone sees when it comes to attraction? It’s just out there before you even say anything. If someone thinks your ugly, they seem to act more distant.

    I have a friend in college who is not particularly good looking, he is overweight, bespectacled, sometimes talks to himself, wears the same clothes, has a nasal voice, and plays World of Warcraft. I’ve noticed that not only do girls avoid him but they seem petrified when he says hi.

  4. Terrra91 says

    do you think it matters then if i’ve got keratosis pilaris on the backs of my upper arms and acne scars on my back then? i’m sure there’s girls that like me but those physical flaws are really stopping me. i’m not arrogant but i’m sure if i could get on a date with them they’d like me, i think i’ve got good qualities i’ve always been quiet so i’m considerate n all that. i’m a musician and artist as well so that could be a bonus. i dont aim that high but i wanna a good looking girl.

  5. tigernov6 says

    talk to as many girls as you can.

  6. alexandrepato123 says

    yeah unlucky for me looks dont mean as much to women as they do to men

  7. orduni90 says

    this dude kinda looks like seth macfarlane! lol…but i wish he wouldve talked about wat if u picked up a very stuck up bitch, or a girl thats already taken

  8. 7399Martyn says

    the superficial look itself isnt worth a lot, but when you are good look and you know it, it gives you more confidence and improves self esteem.

  9. merdesmax says

    so yo probably picked up more girls than alex does

  10. merdesmax says

    so you probably picked up more girls then alex does

  11. victshot says

    Daygame is very different than the nightgame ( mystery, style and others ). That’s what I need to perfect most importantly.

  12. sixpaky2 says

    im 15 years old, and many girls call me good looking, but i have lack of self confidence do you have advise on how to raise my self esteem?

  13. CocoCruise says

    Great advice. Thanks

  14. davevt04 says

    looks arent as a big of a deal as I was hoping. I lost 60 pounds and look fine now, but still having a hard time getting laid.

  15. RefugeeT says

    hahah to true

  16. alapunk13 says

    See it this way, when you got lotsa cash, you become confident, and that confidence oozes out of you and women see the confidence, not necessarily the money

  17. But looks make your personality and trust and confurt so ill say its more than 40%

  18. SpacedTime says

    That’s a very pessimistic view, but I think the truth is that if you have money you can create more opportunities to get together with women, but if you don’t have any cash, you will need personality, trust ,and rapport.

  19. thisisnotreal900 says

    Great video as usual Alex! I always sort of wondered how looks factored into the equation with women, thanks for the reassuring answer 🙂

  20. OutBack206 says



  21. You know what, I totally agree but, What if u dont have a lot of cash. What would you do then?

  22. its about confidence and good questions, when you approach a lot its not a problem to get numbers from girls, my record is 4 numbers in 2 hours 🙂

  23. SirHappyThe1st says

    Cash has very little to do with attraction.

    Cash just gets you noticed but if you cant build rapport and have little personality you wont get most women .

  24. Rull3n1990 says

    Waow. What an idealism…

  25. drummerlars says

    ahhahaahh best comment ive read all day

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