Approach Women: How To Meet Women In A Group Of Guys (LIVE In-Field Approach Video!) Approach Women How To Meet Women In A Group Of Guys (LIVE In-Field Approach Video!). Have you ever seen a woman sitting with a group of guys who you REALLY wanted to mee, but you had no idea how to approach her? Check out this LIVE in-field video, and see how you can EASILY meet a woman in this situation. Also, for more FREE tips and advice every day, go to


  1. verycoldice2 says

    maybe she wants a foursome

  2. 0ThatFlyGuy0 says


    I’m sure he at least got a number close, like you said he was pro… No way he wouldn’t have got a close being that smooth.

  3. jonjonwhii says

    @cordice44413 hey i’m 18 and david has helped me allot too :]

  4. jkirk1626 says

    Guy’s a pro. Much easier said than done to pull that off. Big props to him. The vid never shows if he closes. I know that’s not exactly the point. She was defly doable.

  5. Kitsune81 says

    The way I see it, is you have 3 options:
    1. Die a virgin
    2. Grab your balls and bang either one of them, whether you like it or not.
    3. Move to a place that has mating partners that are attractive to you.

  6. Man this is the smoothest street approach I’ve seen thus far. This guy sells it, especially with his body language.

  7. farhannius says

    Hey, just wanted to say, and I don’t know why this bothers me but it does, is when you said “the guys could care less” actually means if you think about it, it means that they then DO care, because if they didn’t care then they COULDN’T care less.

    Yep that’s right, I’m a grammar Nazi.

  8. dinosaurtattoo says

    What happens if you live in the countryside… and theres only a 2 girls in the village.. one of which is 67 and the other is married and ugly?

  9. cjellwood says

    some guys would not appreciate this move. Not at all

  10. everydayidiealilmore says

    im like that man. whenever a dude comes by that we dont know and trys to talk to a girl thats with us ill make it hella hard for him and fuck with him. piss him off. shit like that. trust me their out there so if you try this be ready for em.

  11. but how he started the approach!? what was the fist thing he said?

  12. Right. With guys in there it feels like it’s their duty to be protective of the females or something.

  13. DicNelson says

    That guy with the curly hair! Is that fuckin will farrell?

  14. LOL, this is actually so true! I ones saw a guy who was a so claimed Pick Up Artist. He approached a group of four girls and one guy and he was acting like the guy didn’t exist. He was whole the time talking to the girls and he didn’t even looked in the direction of the guy. (What an asshole!) Thanks for this nice video David!

  15. That girl is very cute!

    Very important to engage the guys as well. I remember years back some dude stepped into our group and he was very likable and my new friend, afterwards i wondered how the hell he managed to score the girl’s number. I turned into the hulk outta envy, but i still thought he was awesome prolly cuz he befriended me.

    I wish i had this knowledge back then.

  16. yeah, way harder makes you not want to approc, way easier when its two girls…

  17. namitsu1 says

    I know when guys are in the group it feels alot harder.

  18. HPhenomenal says

    that didnt help much.

    why dont you let us hear the actual pick up?

  19. Samplemonster says

    how the helld u take this video haha, nice

  20. DavidVuong1 says

    same here man as soon as i get older im gonna try come to your bootcamps david that is if your still doing any at that time

  21. cordice44413 says

    this challenge is just for fun

  22. cordice44413 says

    as soon as I turn eight teen im gonna try to come to one of your boot camps

  23. cordice44413 says

    David Wygant i am seventeen years old I have watched all of your videos on your page and they have helped me out so much in highschool. made many friends and the girls want me.
    David wygant i challenge you to make a youtube video on how to increase your dating life for the better in highschool and college

  24. cordice44413 says


  25. franchiser226 says

    Damn who keeps filming the lumberjack?? His shit doesn’t match David?? But nuff respect for stepping over and holding in a convo. I guess it proves women dnt give a shit how you look they just wanna hear verbs and nouns

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