Any tips on how to attract a girl on a dating site?

I really suck on attracting girls in dating sites,any tips and hints to make me look smart?


  1. read a book

  2. BestSense says

    get off the net
    wipe your sticky hand
    go out
    get real normal girls

    who tha f gets good women off a fating site?

  3. Julia B says

    ………….?not sure

  4. meee :) says

    hmmm maybe go out into the real world and start talking to girls in the traditional fashion?

    It’s worked for the majority of us.

  5. diamonds24 says

    Look up some tips on the net – they have tips on how to write a good dating profile. And put up a nice picture – not a creepy one you took on your mobile phone in a darkened room with a flashlight.

  6. lots of people meet online. some go to jail for it. some get married and some people lie & lie a lot. everyone pretty much lies online so you can type anything u want & look smart.

  7. Libsent says

    first off, put up a nice picture. be honest, but not too blunt about what you are looking for. describe who you are, what you do, and what sort of things you’d like in a partner. look through some profiles and send messages to some that you like the look of – be friendly, polite, and conversational. pretend you’ve just met this person in a coffee shop and you want to get to know them better. dont say anything not acceptable in public, but try to know about what they want in a partner too – try for common interests.

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