Any tips on dating a korean girl?

So, I’m going out with a korean exchange student. We go to schools in different towns, we’re both sophomores in high school. Her host parents want to meet me before we go on a date or anything. So..she is my first girlfriend, and I’m her first boyfriend. Any tips on dating her, because of her culture. or any at all? haha..i’m familiar with some chinese culture, not korean.


  1. I got a tip for you;
    don’t go out.

  2. aw cute
    umm dont make any korean jokes? lol thats all i can think of
    ps cute pic of you

  3. simple, just show a lot of respect for her parents, father especially and treat her good, don’t be a slob and don’t make immature jokes too much. Show a lil maturity, be very polite and well mannered and you should be fine. :]

  4. Try your absolute best to make a good first impression! Don’t dress like a bum. Be polite! Say yes ma’am and yes sir. Be considerate and ask questions about her and her host family. They’ll probably ask questions too, so be prepared not to say anything inappropriate. By the way, just don’t lie and be something you’re not. Be yourself! As lame as it sounds lol. God Bless You and Good luck!

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