Any good dating tips for an 11 yr old?

I am dating a guy and we both like each other a whole lot.My friends want me to lean on his shoulder and kiss him and i only 11.Plus we’ve only been dating for a week.Tips!!!
i meant 21


  1. Yahoo! Answers requires you to be 13.



  2. Dating advice for a 11 year old? Don’t date.

  3. Yes stop dating you are too young!

  4. YES!!! DON”T DO IT!!!!

  5. I’m going to tell you to ask him if he
    wants to kiss you then well kiss him.

  6. Don’t date till you’re 21!

  7. 1: Be an 11 year old girl, meaning don’t be getting into boys. This is ridiculous.

  8. R i t a <3 says

    honey, dont be a tramp already.
    wait till your 15 or older.

  9. stop tensing! says

    Do you’re parents know? How old is the guy? Where did you meet him? Did he like you first or the other way around? ONE WEEK!? YOUR ELEVEN!?

  10. MusicLover:D says

    What the helll ??
    im in gr.7, your age, & i think kissing at 11 is really young.
    You should really wait till gr.8 or Highschool, & if uve been dating a week, atleast 3 weeks, is okay..

  11. ihaveaquestion709 says

    i am 12 years old. here are some tips

    *don’t ask him if he want to kiss
    *make sure its at a good time and setting
    * if you don’t want to DON’T
    * try hugging first

  12. Why are you dating if you’re only 11? It’s just stupid to kiss some guy you won’t remember in twenty years. It has to be special. Not “OMG i’m gonna kiss my “boyfriend” who is actually just my friend and we don’t really have anything special, we just like to say we’re dating because we think we’re absolutely amazing and should be dating before we’re even teen-agers”

    Sorry if that sounded extremely b i t c h y, but dating before 16 just bothers me

  13. hot chef says

    (1) You’re too young and unless you are both living on the street I can’t imagine what you would be doing on a “date”.
    (2)My daughter is 10 and is presently going through similar sorts of silly immature stuff like this. She’s not fooling anyone either.
    (3) When you post things like this, even w/o giving your age, people see right through it and know you’re only trying to act “older” and “more mature”.
    (4) You are not mature or anything of the sort.
    (5) You have no idea what it is to date and it shows.

  14. okay let me tell you this. and trust me im right. whether you follos this advice or not, sooner or later (lets hope sooner) youll realize that im right. Im 19. So we have all been there, thinking we know everything in our preteen years, we think we’re ready for the emotional burden that “love” at that age brings us. But honestly, its okay to have crushes on guys and just hang out in large groups of friends, but you really shouldnt date until you are at least 15-16. Its girls like you who end up pregnant at 16 because they thought they were ready for sex because since they have been dating since they were like 10, theyre sick of the sweet and sappy stuff normal teenage daters go through. Hun, ive been there, i thoguht i knew everything too, but you have noooooooooooooooooooooo idea how much you are going to u honestly think you’re gonna end up with this guy in the long run? and you have dated him for a in your head, this week we kiss, and by week 3 we have sex?? youre too young..if anything, i would say leave your group of friends, get your head together and make something of yourself, unless you do want to be a mommy by 15. you have nooo idea how many other guys are going to come and go out of your life..Youre 11 so im guessing you just got ur period and your hormones are just hitting so its normal to think you “love” this guy enough to kiss him, but in actuality, he’s probably the first guy you’ve ever really liked. just stop it, youre only going to hurt urself and set a bad rep for urself both in middle school and high school..guys will find u easy and take advantage of you tell me if youre ready for all that…dont believe that hannah montana crap u see on TV…real life is different..

  15. be yourself dont rush things dont let him control u and it sometimes angers them if u have frnds that r guys but rnt ur bf so guy frnds r a no no

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