Any dating tips for guys looking for girls who are waiting for marriage?

A lot of the dating tips apply to guys looking to get laid, but doesnt work for the good girls. One thing that works is agreeing with her when she says “just because I’m coming up doesnt mean your getting lucky”. I usually say “of course. I’m not interested in that stuff with you”. It kind of becomes a mini-insult because the girls take it that you dont find them attractive but at the same time respect your honesty and moral fortitude.


  1. The dating tips are the one that they tell you to go to the club and talk to a girl. Those are bad ones.

    Your sounding too nice and too descriptive on your feeling. she mad cuz you blow her off. no one wants to get rejected. if u dont like them, dont talk to them. a little Hi and how you doing is good, but talk to them for hours. your just leading them on.

  2. run & don’t look back marriage is dead look a the divorce rate & the decline in people getting married

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