Answer your visitors

Questo e per Marco 🙂

If your visitors ask you a question in a comment or by email or in your active communities: make sure you give them an answer!

There will be webmasters saying that they cannot be bothered about reading all visitors email. Again, this all depends on what is the purpose of your website. Mine is about Linky Love, and love involves always more than 1 person 🙂

RSS feeds

Marco asked me where my RSS feeds are so he can put them on his site, seems he can monetize the RSS feed as well, so I made sure my RSS feeds are now ready for grabs on top right! I went to as feedburner is one of those services that converts every post of mine in an email to you!

I do wonder how RSS can bring me money so anybody with an answer here?

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  1. after u have lots of RSS readers.. u can put ads in ur RSS feeds provided by feedburner

  2. Hi Hem,

    How much is a lot?

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