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What to do on a bored Sunday? Introduce yourself to us and fill in "the 4 sec’s survey" in the left sidebar on top (from Advertlets).

Know your visitors

You can only serve your visitors best if you know your visitors best. Internet Marketing rule number 1. For you to find more interesting info on this side, fill in "the 4 sex 4 sec’s survey" on the left.


  • I am no marketing guru,
  • I am good in making money.
    (see our post from yesterday choose the best favicon or avatar:
    • I am no graphic designer,
    • I am good I in making money)

So I source things out (for free if possible). How would you ask is this Advertlets survey helping me knowing you?

  • The survey will give advertisers an idea what ads to put there…
  • As soon as I see what ads show up, it gives me an idea what topics to write for you as well!

See, that market survey costs me zero $$$, a bit of help from you and only 1 question:

Please fill in "the 4 sec’s survey" in the left sidebar on top!

🙂 Thank you 🙂

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  1. Hi friend,

    Ok… great… I’m learning your money tips….

    Also, I just completed your survey. Appreciate if you could share with us the results.

    See you.

    Calvin Chin

  2. Thanks Calvin,

    Your comment was catched by my spam filter, but I got you out of course 😉

    Thanks for filling in the survey, please invite all your friends, please, please, please, did I say please? 🙂

    So far my readers are 80% male, maybe I need to change my subject to get a more 50 50 approach 🙂

    Good idea , I will post the results as soon as I have 50 surveys 🙂

  3. Thank you for changing Russia on UKRAINE!!! Well done! 😉

  4. Hi Selena, why don’t you write a little post for me with a picture about “your” beautiful Ukraine in English, so I can post it here and of course give you a very valuable link back to your site (what you link is what you get in your own post 🙂 )

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