Anime French Kiss

 Anime French Kiss


Enjoy this anime French kiss and learn how to French kiss as well as French kiss a Japanese girl.


The right way to French kiss


Sometimes you don’t even have to learn the right wat to French kiss, just let it happen like the Asian French kiss this Japanese boy receives in the French kiss movie below.



Yes, it is true: dating Japanese girls becomes much more easy when you learn to speak Japanese for free 🙂


How to good French kiss?


Follow the following tips :


  • First and foremost you need to have some kind of relationship in place, otherwise you will have to practice on your closed fist…
  • Attraction is crucial: make sure you look and smell well and create some tension in the air. Especially wearing the right type of cologne or perfume can turn up the attraction, but don’t overdue it, unless your partner has a severe cold 🙂
  • "French kiss foreplay" is a must:
    • girls could flirt and tease their partners,
    • guys can give their girls nice compliments.
  • Look for the right moment at the right time: find a relaxing and comfortable environment like:
    • watching a movie on a cozy couch while cuddling and caressing their bodies
    • rub your partners’ necks or massage their back and shoulders.
  • As with any kiss: do not bump noses so make sure you tilt your head left or right. Also close your eyes to create more intimacy.
  • When you have your partner relaxed and comfortable, you can start your French kiss but you won’t be French kissing yet. Think about licking an ice-cream: you gently enjoy every sensation you taste and feel . Only slowly get deeper because the ice-cream melts in your mouth.


The same with an Asian or normal French kiss: gentle, light, little kisses are the way to start.


Once you do this for a while, then you can start the transition to the French kiss by opening your mouth and placing and putting your tongue upon his or her tongue.


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