Ana Karina Soto Video

ana karina soto videoDid you see the Ana Karina Soto NSFW video in our previous post?

Our more than innocent Colombian sweetheart is now claiming that it isn’t her in the sex video…

Ok, we already are familiar with the so called "it’s maybe my bed, but it’s not me" excuse… and we don’t need to know a lot of Spanish words to know what’s happening in the video…

Anyway, it must be that all Colombian girls happen to wear the same rings?…

click my buttOr it is like Ana Karina Soto says: I am going to marry in 1 month and I have a new project coming up for TV, so people are getting envious and spreading this bad publicity.

Now it’s still a question that sex videos these days really is bad publicity or not, hmm, who shall we ask…. Kim Kardashian’s sex video maybe?

And it’s true: everybody can buy a look alike ring and start shooting their own Ana Karina Soto Video.

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