Alexa Vega Facts

alexa vega facts

One of the Alexa Vega facts shows us she loves to dress up as a blond sexy secretary. Lets serve you a quick Q&A about Alexa Vega.


Does Alexa Vega have a boyfriend?


If you aren’t her boyfriend, than we can be sure Alexa doesn’t have any boyfriend.


Is Alexa Vega Spanish?


What nationality is Alexa Vega? Well… She is born in Miami, Florida (August 27, 1988) what makes her a US citizen.

But: she is famous for playing a Spanish sounding character: Carmen Cortez in Robert Rodriguez’s "Spy Kids".

Actually she is half-Colombian, half-Italian and speaks Spanish fluently. You can speak Spanish fluently as well in 3 months though 🙂


What’s the best way of contacting Alexa Vega?


Leave an text message on her handphone. Replies are just a few seconds away normally.


Where does Alexa Vega live?


She resides in Los Angeles with her mother and three sisters:


  • Greylin (2001),
  • Krizia (1991) and
  • half-sister Margaux (1982).


Alexa Vega Bio


Alexa Vega:

  • enjoys freshwater fishing
  • is an experienced gymnast
  • at 4 she got her first role in the Burt Reynold’s TV series "Evening Shade"
  • she loves doing the majority of her own stunts in her movies
  • featured in the July 2003 issue of Vanity Fair: at 15 placed fourth in their hottest female teen stars list
  • in 2004 she plays Julie in Sleepover
  • Vega appeared in other prominent movies such as:
    • "The Deep End of the Ocean" co-starring Michelle Pfeiffer,
    • "Ghosts of Mississippi,"
    • "Twister,"
    • "Nine Months," and
    • "Little Giants".


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