Alan Ledesma

Alan Ledesma is the next cancer victim to pass away…

alan ledesma

Alan Ledesma picture:
too young to die from cancer

It’s sad but true: he couldn’t pay his medical bills…

We care for cancer

I can be as funny and sexy as I want with my sexy secretary award:

sexy secretary award

I am always touched when people like Beeno Baby (Sexy Secretary Award applicant 2: Beeno Baby ) add a little "I care for cancer" on their website.


My granddad passed away from metastatic liver cancer

I can assure you: you need a strong stomach to digest how a person deteriorates from cancer, even if he can get all the medical help and all the love and care he can get.

Alan Ledesma Bio

Alan Ledesma was even less fortunate than granddad. Alan is a Mexican TV actor. Yet being sick with cancer: he couldn’t continue working.

Which means: no work – no money.

Alan Ledesma stopped acting in the series "Las Tontas no van al cielo" Silly women don’t go to heaven… Unlike silly women: and today Alan Ledesma went to heaven himself.

Alan Ledesma cancer

For what I can read on the Spanish pages, Alan had stomach cancer, had 15cm (6 inches) removed from his intestines and they found tumors in his lungs…

This is a spread cancer, or a metastatic cancer, or a secondary cancer: the most difficult cancer to handle because there is more than 1 to start with, nicely walking around in your body to spread more damage.

Alonso Barcelรณ, Carlos Mota, Ingrid Martz… all tried to raise money for the chemo therapy Alan wanted to take, costing 30.000 pesos a day: that’s about 2.800$ US… way to much for a not so famous, not working, sick actor…

What you can learn from Alan Ledesma’s cancer?

Cancer only gets the news when "a famous person dies" or "a famous person recovers".

Why don’t we hear anything about preventing cancer?

Are the chemical and medical industry so powerful that:

  • they can sell you food filled with pesticides
  • they can sell you lots of medicine to counteract any bad effects from pesticides…


Let’s all care for cancer BEFORE cancer strikes


If you drive safely, your car can go a long way. Once your car hits another car, a tree or a wall: your car will be finished.

Same with cancer: as long as you don’t have it, you are fine. Once you have it, you will be finished (yes, I do read the propaganda from the medical world how much people are "cured" oops, not in remittance for 5 years…)

Why is there no cancer prevention? Nor "good health prevention" and 1 out of 4 people in the US don’t have health care in a system where there is no prevention???? Isn’t that suicidal!!!

Alan Ledesma rests in peace

Alan Ledesma is another victim of a planet polluting itself at a non-stoppable rate.

No proof you say?

How convenient that medical research doesn’t want to find a proof to start with…

alan ledesma

Alan Ledesma :
You are gone physically…
But in our hearts…
you will live forever…
Rest in Peace…


  1. hey linky!! thanks for the link! you are truly a star!! uhuhh, am i still being the sexy secretary, am i? *giggles*

    anyway, sorry about your granddad! ๐Ÿ™

    yeah, ill be helping as much as i could… yayyyyy for helping all this people!! *giggles and twirl*

    take care, linky!

  2. @Baby

    Thanks for the support, granddad passed away about a year fom now, but what I learned is that cancer is much more than another word for another disease ๐Ÿ™

    Well my dearest secretary, when does your gues post come in?

    Twirling and waiting ๐Ÿ™‚

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