Killer mosquitoes

aedes mosquito

Aedes mosquitoes can become killer mosquitoes as they carry dengue fever: a disease for which is no cure available.


If you are planning to visit beautiful Malaysia or other countries in South East Asia, you need to know how to protect yourself against aedes mosquitoes:


  • they are easily recognizable: they look kind of like zebra mosquitoes
  • they "normally" only fly between 17.00pm and 9 a.m.
  • they love and hate anything other mosquitoes love and hate:
    • love to bite humans
    • hate mosquito repellant, thick clothes, mosquito nets


Once bitten, you could end up with dengue fever: a disease that thins your blood until you literary bleed to dead inside your own body. The only cure is beating the disease yourself and especially get it diagnosed in time: you can always get blood transfusions one your blood gets to thin.


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