How to rank 1 in Google in 10 minutes for 10 cents

Adwords Analyser

Adwords Analyser

Yes you can rank number 1 in 10 seconds, but only in Google! Grab your copy of our Free Adwords Analyser tutorial telling you how to make money online using Google Adwords.

Why not in Yahoo? Because it takes days before they approve your ads. Quite sad knowing as they started the "pay me and I rank you high" idea way back when they were running their Yahoo Directory.

Now I can hear you saying:

do you want me to pay before I can make money on the Internet?

To pay or not to pay

Make that:

to ppc or to SEO


Have a look at the Google picture above: who is ranking on top? Somebody who paid to be on top!

  • All the blue background links are paid links (PPC or Paid Per Click)
  • All the yellow background links are FREE links (SEO : Search Engine Optimization)

How much do you pay for SEO?

Now if you are good in SEO, you can work your way up all for free.

If you want to spend a one time sum for software that does the SEO on autopilot, you can buy
SEO Elite

  • it’s sold at $167, but like I said : it gives you lifetime upgrades for free (which is needed when the search engines catch up with SEO Elite)
  • it comes with free tutorials, like this free Make money using Adwords
  • a cheaper option is Atomic Blogging, which is more value for money, but SEO Elite is the Rolls Royce of the SEO tools category.

Top search engine rankings

Did you know you can rank 1 in Google in 10 minutes for 10 cents?

Of course with only 10 cents you won’t be able to do this for "Make Money Online" but you will be able to do it for 3.20$.

And you will be able to rank number 1 for "the best way to make money online" for less than 10 cents per click.

How much money to invest in PPC

The rule of thumb is:

Profit of your product / 100 = maximum PPC price you are willing to pay

So if you are selling eggs with a profit margin of $3, you can only advert for 3 cents and break even. And you better know how to write the perfect Adwords Ad.

But if you are selling a French Course that you wrote yourself with a profit margin of 100$, then you can stir things up with a PPC campaign of 1 dollar and break even.

Needless to say you can run a pretty lucrative PPC for 50cents per click and make $50 for each book you sell.

Also needless to say: if you don’t have your own product, you need to share your profit with somebody else you are promoting, therefore look for somebody that gives you a big share.

Adwords summarized

If you have something that makes big profit, PPC will skyrocket you to number 1 in Google in 10 minutes.

If you have something that makes small profit, you need to do as usual: find your niche and earn money there.

If you have nothing to offer, then using PPC will cost you money, but if you want to rank number one and money is not an issue, then by all means beat all the "Yellow Background" SEO optimized websites.

You can read all about using Adwords in this Free Adwords Analyser.


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