Advertlets Poll Code only

My previous Advertlets posts:

Since my last post, Advertlets keeps on surprising me by answering my questions starlight in my email. Aren’t they great!

Actually my latest question was how we can track our Advertlets earnings.

My previous question about the Polling Code: why is your survey hidden under your ads? (great for ads CTR but not good if you need 50 people to fill in a survey)

Advertlets answer:

…I remember sometime back you asked about the poll only code. It’s now available. Please login to your account, and click on Blogs to get the poll only code, and you can see the latest entry on the Advertlets Blog as well.


  1. Hi! You can track your Advertlets earnings by logging into your Advertlets account, and clicking Earnings > Daily Earnings. We have just launched this feature and will be upgrading it further over the next few days.

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