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Sea lion’s welcome on Galapagos!

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We prefer start up pet blogs that have been working hard to get a blog ready and just need an extra push to get seen by the entire world!

For Example

This is my animal lover and colleague educator’s Galapagos site. It looks out off topic, until you find out that all animals at Galapagos behave like pets: showing not much fear of humans!

Galapagos Islands Featured

galapagos penguinMy Galapagos island vacation site + all facts on Galapagos islands for students.

I started my site when I was teaching my students about Darwin, but since everybody can read from a book, I decided to get to Galapagos myself and have a look first hand at :

galapagos birdwatching cruises

Apart from getting seasick, it’s an amazing place if you love to see animals up close!

My site is far from finished, it’s more at the start up phase and if you want to participate at it, send your entries at Linky Love’s contact us and she will forward your Galapagos entries, pictures, information to me. Thanks!

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