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Since we are talking about PayPerPost in What are the best ways to make money on the Internet?, let’s use another "oldest trick in the book" marketing technique:

Blog of The Day

Also known as BotD…

How you can be Blog of The Day at Linky Love:
add your link in a comment below!


Blog of the day Example

metastatic liver cancer

Metastatic Liver Cancer
Blog of the day at PPP

Featured blog, blog of the day, blog of the week: PPP does it, Bloggerwave does it, Blogsvertise does it, Advertlets euhm… also does it 🙂

So Linky Love also does it! 😈

How to become blog of the day

Leave a comment if you want to add your link and be the blog of the day including:

  • URL of your blog
  • TITLE of your blog
  • why people should visit your blog (please be 😈 honest 😈 : if you only have 1 post about birds then write something like: “the only post you ever should read about birds”)
  • URL of your avatar, favicon or any other small picture that "summarizes" yourself, your blog, your target public, your love of your life… (and explain which one is which!)


  1. @Joey

    Since I love cats and blogs with personal pictures, you jump the Q and are blog of the day today 🙂

    Your next step is joining to get even more traffic from Linky Love your way!

  2. Hai I have add your button in my sidebar…

    my url is

    the title is Rooms of My Heart

    Why you should visit my blog?
    I am honest and creative young woman, who write great things about what I find in my life and get many great friends from my blog! I also review a lot of interesting stuff you won’t find in somewhere else! Want to know more about wayang? I will post about it today… what to know more about Bali? I have many beautiful pictures about Bali… just visit my blog and you will find yourself as if you are traveling…

    My avatar link

    I want to be a blog of the day… thks!

  3. @Trinity

    Noted and since you added my badge-button, you are now added to my blogroll in the section: got the Linky Love button 🙂

  4. I added you link. I blog about moutain biking and photography around the Richmond Metro area as well as about our travels around the country. I post pics about the bike trails as well as GPS maps of those trails. I also post about computer topics that i like as well as music and movies.

  5. @RMStringer

    Thanks! You are in the Q 🙂 and of course I add a link back to you already 🙂

  6. i’ve already adding your link in

  7. @Jeff

    You do need to explain why people should visit your site in order to become blog of the day 🙂

  8. Nice idea, but one doubt when can i expect my blog to be a blog of the day?

  9. @Nithin

    I still have no theme for Wednesdays, so thanks for the idea, Wednesdays it will be 🙂

  10. Hi Linky Love,

    Great site!

    I have added your button to my sidebar, and I would like to be the blog of the day. My url is

    The blog is called Inside the Iggles. It is a great blog about my favorite sports team, the Philadelphia Eagles. anybody who is into football, should check it out.

    My avatar is

    Thanks Linky Love!


  11. Hi Linky Love!

    I have added your button to my sidebar, and would like to be featured as the blog of the day.

    My blog is called Inside the Iggles, and it is all about my favorite sports team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Check it out here >> to get all the latest news, insights, highlights, pics, fantasy news, and much more!

    It’s a great place to visit if you are a football fan.

    If you want to use an avatar, here is one I have…


  12. @Ian

    You are in the queue 🙂

    Get your link online on the spot!

    Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly!

  13. URL:
    Name: Celebrity Comics.Daily.

    On CelebComics you can have a good laugh about celebrities in comic form. The site is updated daily and therefore gives you a reason to laugh every single day! So this one is to everybody who is interested in celebrities, fun and especially a lot of sarcasm!



  14. @CelebComics

    Extremely smart blog! Me like 🙂

    You are in the queue 🙂

    Get your link online on the spot!

    Tip $10 here and Linky Love places your link instantly!

  15. Hi, I haven’t been by lately…Your site looks great!

    When you get a chance stop by.

    I have added Video, Picture and Music sharing to the directory. Now you can upload and embed them on your blog.

    All the Best

  16. @WolfBernz

    Iwill email you with a request to write your own blog of the weekend entry, as I do love your blog 🙂 Just short on time to write…

  17. hi! i think what you’re doing is great so count me in!

    Blog name: The Postcard Collector

    this blog is an ongoing project; the author is inviting one and all to show and link their blog with the site by submitting an actual postcard. snail mail meets the internet age. updates will start once actual postcards start coming in… The idea is fairly simple and easy: send a postcard and get featured on the blog for all the world to see! Let the linking begin!


    OR this if you need smaller:

    thanks and more power to your blog!

  18. @eam

    Aem? Added linky Love to your postcards 🙂

  19. hi!
    i wanna

  20. btw, i already added
    the linkylove badge!

  21. oopss! i forgot
    why your visitors should visit me?
    “because i’m cuter than the average blogger”

  22. I ‘stumbled’ to your site and i hope lots of your visitors to the same to mine! Just like i found some really wonderful info here so will everyone find some great stuff on blogging and promoting your blog on mine. So i hope to see some ‘linky-love’ happening soon…thanksx and everyone have a great day and happy money making!

  23. Dedicated to researching home based business ideas and opportunities that can help you start a new home based business or grow the one you already have.

  24. Hi Linkylove,


    Title: Pinaymama’s Garden

    Why visit my site: because my blog is fun, friendly, and cute hehehee! oh well, it was just a simple blog that all people can get along with. Just to share the same likes and maybe earn more friends.
    About my blog: This is my garden of thoughts and dreams, my place when I want to give an opinion, ideas about anything, everything under the sun. Everything I could think of!

  25. Linky Love, you have been tagged. After you read my latest blog post, you can link to my blog, if you aren’t too mad at me.

    I think it is possible that Linky Love readers might be amused by my blog, don’t you agree?

  26. Hallo Linkylove,


    Title: IndoConsoles Blog

    Why visit my site: Just want to share anything thats could be shared. LoL. And of course to earn more friends.
    About my blog: It is not just about Consoles, but Anything about IndoConsoles. 😛
    Blogging, Consoles News & Download, Computer & Internet, Music, Mobile GSM etc….


  27. @Indoconsoles

    Nice blog and nice amount of visitors you have 🙂

  28. My blog is called Geek Parenting ( and it’s a site for pop culture junkies who have spawned, yet refuse to give up their geeky obsessions.

    I think it’s a fun blog and geek parenting is a niche that you don’t see tapped very often. So many parenting or mommy blogs are pedantic or uptight. 😛

  29. @Amy

    You are blog of the weekend 26-27 January 2008 🙂


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