Greetings from the Staff at LinkyLove.net!

Welcome to LinkyLove.net: a team of dedicated webmasters, site designers, article writers, proof readers, editor, publishers, graphics and animation artists, dating site reviewers, ‘featured dating sites’ judge and jury, marketing specialist, traffic analyst, language teacher, quick and easy cook, dish washer, coffee and tea server, desk cleaner and dedicated shopper….

OK, I confess…

I … am ‘all the above’…

Linky Love is a project that began on April 11 2007 to finance my overseas studies talking about how I will make money online.

After setting up the blog, was I in for a treat! I quickly got bombarded by comments by guys asking me how old I was, where am I staying, can we go out one day, can you send me your picture, do you have a boyfriend, do you want to go out on a date with me…

Did I mention all the ’steamy’ comments? I learned that being single in my twenties, I could earn lots of money if I wanted to meet men and behave badly. But I wasn’t quite ready for that, or at least not at the beginning.

I read from all the money making gurus that in order to have a successful website, you need to give your visitors what they wanted. Now how could I go on a date with all the men that were asking me to do so? I needed help and that’s how asianonlinedating.com : a place where singles could meet Asians and add their free personals.

Meanwhile Linky Love kept on getting bombarded with mainly young male visitors, so in stead of me keeping on bragging about how to make money online, I switched to giving advice about love, dating and romance.

In Februari 2010 I will be changing the look of Linky Love to make it easier for you to find the romance, love and dating posts and I will keep on adding articles about the dating theme. The mane theme of the blog is still to make you – the visitor – happy in love, romance, dating or any other question you would love to add in a comment.

Meanwhile I will keep researching, reviewing and listing Internet dating services I consider superior and add tips about Internet dating safety and tips for writing effective personal ads.

The most fun of this site however are still your contributions in the way of your comments: keep on telling us what you are looking for or share with everyone how you found happiness in search of an online partner.

Through these comments, I’ve made many friends online, and am endlessly grateful to all of them for their generous sharing, support and guidance. Thank you all!!

Cheers and Happy Dating!

Linky Love
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P.S. For those of you who might be interested in an Asian date, sign up for free at asianonlinedating.com.