A Woman’s Opinion: Marie Talks With David D.: Part 1 (Dating Tips)

David DeAngelo interviews Marie Forleo to get her perspective on today’s dating scene.


  1. TubeFreakJonas says

    Some women have taught ME not to be clingy. One texted me 10 minutes after our date and said she hoped to see me again. Another refused to let the date end despite my ending it. Another just seemed way too eager to play into what she thought I wanted.
    Good examples of what NOT to do. Better to not be too anxious, not linger too much, and not ‘oversell’. David’s material has helped me see this kind of stuff more objectively.
    Also: taking care of myself changes my outlook, so ++ great advice.

  2. ChantalTaylor25 says

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  3. OneSearchingForTruth says

    2:10 Funny! 🙂

  4. 5:54 the same thing applies to men. That’s exactly what I was talking about. you need to find something that makes you feel good no matter your gender and that’s when the real confidence comes. Try to know yourself and do what you love. People come to you when you’re happy. but obviously you gotta careful about fake people who wanna use you. A rule of thumb for me is that if they help you at the same time you are then you’re safe.

  5. If you’re trying to “fake it to make it” especially in relationships, you’re just digging a hole for yourself because first of all you’re most likely not gonna do it right, and secondly the real you is gonna come out sooner or later. That person has to love you for who you are or else you’re doomed. I would personally just say do whatever that floats your boat. You will eventually figure it out because everyone is different and have different wants. No one else know what floats your boat but you

  6. when you have a nice place, a car and a good paying job that’s when the chicks come. Unless you have an extremely outgoing personality which you have to have naturally or else you’re gonna look like a dumbass. When you don’t care and just let it go (truthfully) that’s when it’s perfect time. I dunno maybe it doens’t apply to everyone but it’s just from my experience.

  7. to anyone

  8. Personally I agree with some of this but not all. What they’re saying is true sometimes but it’s not true for everyone. There is no specific way to make someone like you. One thing David said once is that the girl is either attarcted to you or is not. You should care less about girls, because if you do that’s when you’re gonna fuck it up. Just work on yourself and what you want in life(other than a woman) and when you do that’s when confidence comes and therefore you’ll be comfortable talking…

  9. pukeachu says

    Heard her interviewed on DD’s CDs and I couldn’t have imagined…. She is a babe!!! Gracias and much mahalos for posting this.

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